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In order to maintain a good, steady supply of up-to-date research we are keen for medical journals. Institutions, health professionals, associations and universities to send their media releases in to our editorial team.

PWG is also open to patients (lets know how your case was handled in hospital), parents, bloggers, readers to share their experiences and interests with us.

What We Look For
We accept articles based on the following categories:Woman hands with pen writing memo in her diary. Young female journalist creating new article sitting at the table in coffee shop.

  • Fitness tips
  • Weight loss & Diet plans
  • Diabetes management guidelines
  • Cancer facts/prevention
  • Skin care tips & products
  • Personal health experience
  • Healthy tips
  • Disease conditions & cure/management
  • Mind & Body philosophy
  • Health News

We aim for high standards to ensure that our readers benefit as much as possible with useful and up to date information from experts, bloggers, journalists and others in the health industry with appropriate writing skills and style.

Broadly, here is what we look for in deciding whether or not to publish a submitted article:

Originality and Exclusivity: Articles should be authentic, of good quality and should be at least 400 words. Also, all images that come with the submitted material which are not legally possessed by the author should be cleared with the copyright holder of such images before submission.

We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to syndicate for other websites.

Please include the following:

  1. Your name, company/institution and position.
  2. Your e-mail address, telephone number and other relevant contact details.
  3. Photos (optional) – Photos must not be less than 700 pixels wide by 400 pixels long and must be in consonant with the article.
  4. References- please you should add referenced materials to your article.
  5. Headshot of yourself.

Payment: At the moment, PWG does not pay honorarium to authors of posts submitted on our site. However, we can include a by-line of your bio containing links to your website (if any), Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Please your bio by-line should be between 2-3 sentences.

Rights: PWG has the right to edit all submitted materials to meet required standards.
Format: We do accept Word documents (.doc), text files (.txt), or PDF documents (.pdf) as e-mail attachments. Alternatively you may paste the whole text of your article directly into your e-mail.

Your Attention: You may be needed to interact with our readers and answer all relevant questions relating to your published material in the comment section or via email.

Embargo information

If an embargo is in place for the article, please include the date and time that the embargo is due to be lifted, together with the time zone.

Promotional content: We do not permit promotional links within articles. What we do allow is utilization of the author bar to promote your brand, and up to a maximum of three links within an article to contextually relevant articles. The links should be pages on your site that adds value to the readers.
For further inquiries, see our contact page.


  • Change millions of lives around the world
  • Reach new audiences
  • Attract writing offers from other sites/publications
  • A detailed professional profile page on PWG
  • The opportunity to include a bio and link at the end of every article
  • Gain exposure for you


  • Publish or reject your article
  •  Nofollow any/all links
  • Edit your post title if necessary
  • Articles will not be deleted once published, and
  • Own all articles published on PWG website.

By submitting your article, you have agreed and accepted our terms and conditions.

Last updated: 19/10/2016.