In recent time, public health has come under the sword of debilitating challenges. Many of these health challenges will persists,  from epidemics like SARS, Ebola Hemorrhagic fever, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Polio, Cholera, Tuberculosis to chronic medical diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Obesity,  tobacco related conditions and domestic violence. Consequently, there’s a fast decline in public funds further hampering the general of the general public.

In the wake of all these, PWG would regularly sought sponsorship, grants and advertisements from external sources (manufacturers, companies, organizations), good spirited people and the Nigerian governments to fulfill its mission of providing quality content and expanding its reach to communities in the hinterlands at no cost.

This policy has been strengthened to describe specific criteria and a review and oversight process for evaluating potential relationships with corporate entities. This Policy is intended to protect the mission and integrity of PWG while supporting the Association’s fundraising efforts.

The Policy was drafted to achieve the following:

  • To build friends and supporters for public health for the long term.
  • Enhanced community capacity & Mutual respect
  • Commercial or reputational business benefit
  • Open dialogue and participation
  • Measurable, positive outcomes & achieve long-term commitment

The Policy will be reassessed after one year and thereafter as necessary. Reassessments will take into consideration PWG’s experience of applying the policy. It is expected that methods for a more effective review and/or gaps in the criteria or the review process will be identified. As a result, modifications will be made to the Policy as appropriate.

The Policy applies to all sponsorship received by PWG, solicited or unsolicited. Government contributions, grants and contracts, and grants from independent foundations are not classified as sponsorship and need not be evaluated.

To clearly identify sponsored contents and links you would see them with the label “Sponsored by…” Please note that while a sponsored content is subject to PWG’s Advertising policy, the sponsor is responsible for the accuracy, balance, and objectivity of their content and our. At the end of the content we would place a descriptive line informing you that PWG does not endorse any stated products, service, or treatment.



Here are some guidelines to help you understand where we focus our attention on:

PWG will not accept contents that:

  • Maligns or denigrates a political or religious organization
  • Offend a community, race or gender sensitive
  • Would put the health and safety of the public at risk


  • PWG will at all times maintain an independent position on public health issues and concerns.
  • PWG will solicit and accept support only for projects and activities that are consistent with the organization’s mission.
  • It is the policy of PWG not to provide product or service endorsements.
  • PWG will be vigilant at all times to avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest in accepting sponsorships.

Last updated: 21/10/2016