PWG is an online, healthcare media publishing outfit. Our aim is to inform patients, health care professionals and medical students about the latest breakthrough research and innovation in the world of medicine.

PWG is bridging the communication gap between healthcare workers and the general public by providing proprietary patient education and reputation management. We have identified specific causes to target to maximize our local and global impact. At the same time, we understand that each community has its own unique needs and concerns.

PWG is entirely committed to provide the most accurate and innovative source of online learning, transforming and advancing science, health and technology.

Formed in 2004, PWG is appreciated today for delivering the most relevant and outstanding science to the scientists, researchers and general masses.


  • Environment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health and Fitness
  • Healthy eating plan
  • Content production


  • To be the most trusted source for online health and medical information.
  • To improve and expand access to low-cost and free health care in underdeveloped areas.
  • To build a formidable workforce for the education and mobilization of communities.
  • To create an efficiently dynamic environment in which in discriminate defecation, urination and dumping of refuse is seen as an anathema and strongly abhorred and discipline is integrated in the socio-environmental planning structure and development of the society.


  • Our mission is to make the world healthier through the power of information and networking.
  • Offering our readers accurate and objective information, guided by the principles of responsible journalism and publishing thus facilitating disease prevention.
  • Promoting sustainable clean and healthy environment.
  • Reducing environmental pollution and other environmental health hazards through the power of information.


We actively seek opportunities to work together with external organisations to achieve shared objectives. However it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow external partnerships to bring the name of PWG into disrepute.

PWG therefore seeks, so far as is practical and within the constraints of Nigerian law, initiatives that do not compromise the independent status of PWG to ensure that the activities of organisations we work with are consistent with our organisational values

This policy has been devised to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders. It is designed to address sponsorship and cause related marketing. We welcome comments, criticism and suggestions as to how these goals can be met.


Partnerships with companies involved in any of the following activities will be avoided:

  • Tobacco manufacture
  • Nuclear weapons systems manufacture
  • Companies generating more than 10% of revenue from the sale of pronograpgy


PWG does not endorse or approve products or companies, and a statement to this effect will be included alongside any branding or promotion associated with products.


PWG believes that benefits to both partners can be enhanced if the charity partner has an input into policy issues at the commercial organisation. To this end, for substantial partnerships of more than 12 months duration, PWG will seek to establish a formal process for consultation.


Contracts with partners must permit PWG to withdraw from any partnership where new developments mean that areas of this ethical sponsorship policy become breached.


PWG will communicate its commitment to this policy to the organisation’s stakeholders.

For further questions please feel free to contact us.

Last updated: 21/10/2016