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  • 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Okra

    10 Amazing Health Benefits of Okra

    Okra has been part of the Nigerian cuisines for ages. The Ibos call it okwuru, the Hausas calls it kubewa, while the Yorubas refer to it as Ila. We can use them as veggie in soups; eat them in theirRead More »
  • Nutritional and Therapeutic Benefits of Termite

    Nutritional and Therapeutic Benefits of Termite

    Termites are edible insects with approximately 2600 species in the world. Though sometimes referred to as  as white ants, they are not in any way ants. They are social insect that belong to the family of Termitoidae and categorized into fertile maleRead More »
  • Benefits of Smiling Everyday

    Benefits of Smiling Everyday

    “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing”- Mother Teresa. Smile is a beautiful thing and the benefits that come with it are quite striking. By the timeRead More »
  • Home Remedy for Cracked Lips

    Home Remedy for Cracked Lips

    The harmattan has stayed with us for awhile now and some people have started complaining of some of its impacts such as broken lips, cracked heels and dry skin. When the dry air affects the lips, they begin to tear littleRead More »
  • How Your Shower Can Make You Sick

    How Your Shower Can Make You Sick

    When you turn on the shower, it is not only the tiny droplets of water that spurts out, some infectious agents also rain down and are capable of making you fall sick. You probably have heard so much about Tuberculosis and howRead More »
  • A peek into “Pure Water” Sold in Nigeria

    A peek into “Pure Water” Sold in Nigeria

    Whoever that coined the term Pure Water for sachet waters sold in Nigeria no doubt has the interest of the Nigerian populace at heart and deserve to be shortlisted for the next national awards but I am certain that thisRead More »


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1. It is possible to go blind from smoking too heavily 2. The human brain stops growing at the age of 18. 3. Do not use eyeshadow if you have an eye infection as this will aggravate the problem. 4. It takes an interaction of 72 different muscles to produce human speech.