We build healthier lives, free of debilitating diseases by engaging the public with health information that will positively propel them to take charge of their health.  We focus on the five areas of wellness, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social and Economical. This is what drives all we do here.

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This is really amazing. I love you guys and I appreciate what you are all doing and I am sure God will make all that you need available to make our society a healthy one. Kudos!

Stephanie Enebeli
Corps Member / NYSC

Great Job

I'm greatly impressed by what am seeing here and especially with the way you bring health issues down to the understanding of all. Good job you're doing.  

Ohemu Godwin Pius
President / RalNigeria

Amazing Services

PWG has given me step-by-step guidance on how to stay healthy and have a fulfilled life. This is actually one of the best things that has happened to mankind in recent times. More grace to your elbows.  

Kenneth Okafor
Admin / CCTV

Reliable Group

Publicwellness Group is an organisation that educates the general public on the essentials of life, how they can reduce the incidence of premature death and help them have a better life. The group has lived up to its mission of improving the health of the general public.

Somto Ogbonna
Student/Optometry / Abia State University

The Best Health Team

I'm really excited to be associated with PWG. This group has helped in disseminating health information even to people and places where access to health information is an uphill task. I was in one of your health seminars and I must say that the information I gathered that day has helped me immensely to live a happy and healthy life. May God bless PWG and strengthen you guys.

Onyinyechi Perpetual Okpala
President/Founder / Revived Dance Academy

Life Changer

My friends are proud of me, my siblings are proud of me, my family is proud of me but best of all I am proud of myself for participating in one of PWG workshops. Publicwellness Group has really changed my life.

Omonuku Christopher
Entrepreneur / Business


In this era when the outbreak of diseases is a recurrent episode, it is expedient that we get the right health information on how to shield ourselves from these disease causing agents and it is a good thing that PWG has taken up the mantle. I am proud of you guys!

Grace Maurice

Balanced Health Information

My biggest prize from pwg was understanding how to create a daily balance routine to keep my health up and running. I now understand better the basic steps to follow to stay fit and healthy. Please don't relent on this humanitarian work because you are saving countless of lives from killer diseases and consequently making the world a better place.

Amaka Owoh

Quality Work

PWG is providing everyone real-time information to deal with health issues before they become serious problems. Therefore, you have no reason to fall sick or die from killer diseases. PWG has helped me dramatically. At any given time I know exactly what to do to stay revitalized and be healthy.

Offiah Vivian Ogechi
Corps Member / NYSC